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Faster Enlargement with Dual Program

June 8, 2011

Do you desire to have a larger penis, as well as more stamina to engage in sex that lasts longer?  If so, then you need to start the MaleExtra program right away.  Men are turning to this dual program and are enjoying the results that they are experiencing.

The MaleExtra System

The main benefit of using the MaleExtra system is that you will have access to supplements that contain 100% all-natural ingredients.  Unlike other pills on the market, our product contains 1500mg of the top natural ingredients needed to enhance a male’s penis and their sexual performance.

One of the main ingredients in our supplement is pomegranate 70% ellagic, which is nature’s Viagra.  This ingredient alone will make your erections harder since the nitric oxide levels in your body are raised.

Other ingredients that are used in this powerful supplement include L-Arginine, Muira Pauma, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Flaxseed, Maca, Tongkat Ali and more.  They also help increase sex drive, blood flow, male fertility, the desire to have sex more often and the overall health of the penis.

Enlargement Exercises

Men that have a desire to increase their sex drive and performance, also turn to enhancement exercises.  These exercises will increase the size and girth of a man’s penis so that their sexual experience will be more gratifying.  It is important to note that some exercises will provide temporary gains in penis girth and size, but when used in conjunction with MaleExtra, a man will experience a permanent increase in his penis.

One of the exercises that can be performed is called jelqing, which will move the blood from the base of the penis to the tip, allowing for the expansion of the penis.  Another exercise that can be used is called kegeling.  This technique works the muscle that controls the ability to hold an erection, as well as ejaculation.  By working out this muscle, you can increase your stamina and prolong your ejaculation.

For Best Results

If you are undertaking the task of increasing your sex drive, as well as the size of your penis, then you need to use MaleExtra and the penis exercises at the same time.  The MaleExtra supplements will provide your body with the natural ingredients needed to increase
your overall sexual performance.  In addition, your body and penis with have the ability to respond quickly to the enlargement exercises you are performing.

The supplements will also allow your penis to recover faster from the exercises allowing you to become larger faster.  Don’t spend more time waiting for your penis to get larger, make it happen quicker with MaleExtra.

If you are looking to have a better sex life, then embrace the power of the MaleExtra system — take back control of your sex life and satisfy your partner like never before with MaleExtra!


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