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5 ways to prevent erectile dysfunction

June 8, 2011

Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the continuous and consistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection. It is also an inability to have an erection that is rigid enough and be able to sustain it long enough to complete sexual intercourse.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is very common sexual disorder or problem as it affects 10-15% of all men, which includes the figure of one in three men over the age of 60. Speaking of US alone, about 10 to 15 million men are trying to cope with this type of sexual dysfunction.

How would you know if you have ED?

If you have mild to moderate impotence, you may achieve an erection occasionally. However, you may still have difficulty engaging in intercourse because the erection cannot be sustained. Very often the erect penis is not long, hard or elevated enough for penetration. Some men may stop having erections during sleep or upon awakening. Others with low testosterone levels may develop enlarged breasts, raised voice pitch, shrinking testes, loss of energy and muscle mass.

Causes of male impotence (ED)

Anything that obstructs or leads to a lack of blood flow (poor circulation) to the penis can cause an inability to achieve or maintain an erection. Some of the most common causes of ED include:

Psychosocial cause: This is the most common cause. For many men out there, erectile dysfunction isn’t the result of any health problem with their body. Instead it is the result of emotional or psychological problems (e.g. mental stress), they are experiencing or have experienced in the past.

Chronic diseases or disorders: Some long-term, debilitating disorders such as diabetes can also cause impotence. For example, about 50% of all diabetic men experience impotence after the age of 55.

Unknown cause: In about 5% cases, ED is of unknown origin.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

Exercise: Healthy physical activity for at least 30 minutes on daily basis has been found to have significant effect on the progress of ED. This exercise may involve anything from brisk walking to swimming, jogging or bicycling. Anything that works for you is good. All you need is to keep your blood flowing.

Eat a well-balanced diet: Your diet should be low-fat, low in calories and yet rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins such as Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, A, C & D. It should also have sufficient quantities of minerals such as Zinc (has a strong role in improving male potency).

Use Male Extra: There are quite a few different types of male health supplements such as Male Extra that you can use for erectile dysfunction. Male Extra is an herbal-based, safe & natural supplement that you can take daily in order to have strong, powerful erections, enhanced libido and increased quality and quantity of your semen and sperms.

PenisHealth exercises: PenisHealth techniques (which are a part of Male Extra enlargement system) are certain research-based exercises that are known to increase the thickness (girth) and length of human penis on permanent basis. It has been observed that when Male Extra supplement is consumed along with the regular use of this recommended penile enlargement (PenisHealth) exercises, both quality and quantity of your reproductive health increase significantly.

Take sufficient sleep: Taking a peaceful sleep at least for 6 to 8 hours during any 24 hours is very important for your overall health in general and penile health in particular. Proper sleep not only improves your psychological condition (a big cause of male impotence) but also ensures smooth and consistent blood flow through out your body.

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