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A Bigger Base or a Bigger Head?

Most people say size matters but does it really? It is true that some women get turned on by large penises. No wonder some men are looking for ways and means to make their penis bigger. This “problem” typical to men has lead to the rise of male enlargement products or paraphernalia.

Male enhancement products are making quite a boom in the industry. Men are patronizing these products because they care about pleasuring their partners in bed. Other men purchase this to bring up their self-esteem for they have small penis size. Whatever the reason for purchasing the product, it all comes down to one issue–pleasure. It’s either pleasuring their partners or boosting their egos, it could be the same thing. Happiness is still the issue.

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Faster Enlargement with Dual Program

Do you desire to have a larger penis, as well as more stamina to engage in sex that lasts longer?  If so, then you need to start the MaleExtra program right away.  Men are turning to this dual program and are enjoying the results that they are experiencing.

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How to Boost your Confidence with women

FACT: All women love a man with confidence.

This just isn’t a human trait – nearly every species which participate in any sort of mating ritual, requires the successful mating male to be a confident one.

Consider the following: We think of lions and their giant mane of hair and ferocious roar; we see male peacocks and their beautiful feathers exploding behind them; or giant bull frogs and their audacious grunts at night – all exuding confidence. The males with the scariest roar, most beautiful feathers, and loudest grunts all seem to make out with the ladies, right? Take a lesson.

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Common reasons for boredom in bedroom what to do about them

Are you bored with your sex life? Well, if you care to admit that you might be in a relationship in which the fire has started to dwindle a bit, you are not alone.

It happens to everyone and in every relationship.

In fact, a good way to look at your sex life is comparing it to a campfire. Once the fire gets going, it’s just a matter of time before you see the flames climb high into the night’s sky.

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Achieving & maintaining maximum erectile capacity

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We’re all well-aware of the term “erection” and “erectile dysfunction”. However, not many of have ever heard of “erectile capacity”. In fact both terms “erection” and “erectile capacity” while interrelated, are indeed different from one another.

Understanding the difference between erection & erectile capacity

Erection: Erection is the state or condition of enlargement and hardening of the penis caused by increased blood flow into the penis and decreased blood flow out of it as a result of sexual excitement.

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Lasting Ideas on How to Satisfy Your Woman through Anchors

So, you think you know how to satisfy your woman?

Well, if you’re like most men, than you’re probably thinking that there isn’t much left to learn in the world of female satisfaction. Interestingly, survey after survey suggests otherwise – In fact, many women still continue to fake their orgasms, as well as a significant percentage of them remain “not as satisfied” with their sex life, when comparing sex with their past lovers. That means that most of the time, they think someone in their past was a lot better or even bigger than you!

Being “good enough” in sports or math is acceptable. When it comes to sex, however, the place you don’t want to be in your lover’s mind is simply, “good enough” or “average.”  If that’s where you think you are, don’t worry, because there are some very simple things that you can do to change the game – starting today!

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Four Things that You Should Not do in Bed with your Woman

Congratulations, you were able to get your woman into bed! Things are looking good for you, right? That is, until you blow it!

You would actually be surprised about how many men do everything right to sack their women into bed, only to flounder at the very last second and end up with a giant case of blue balls.

So, we decided to put together a list of four things for you not to do just as heaven’s gates are about to open!

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